Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Star

My daughter started back in 05. Anxious to get her started, I had to enroll (her) one year earlier. My shifty mouth hadn't served me as usual. Solely relying on my eyes, the opportunity rolled up on me, manifesting itself in a fiesta-pink building on the corner of 20th and Quintara.
I checked it out and was thoroughly impressed. The classrooms (technically only 2) were at fifty in capacity, but were broken up into smaller groups of ten, I believe. Each of the groups would rotate into "centers" that were following the theme of the week. 3/4 teachers lead the centers and made it manageable for such a large classroom size.
I'm not here to rate it, I already did that on Yelp, but I will say that I am very glad that I put her in there. She has learned and grown so much (me included). Sometimes you have to go through the motions before you can actually stop, breathe, and reflect on all the events that have gotten you to a milestone in your life, my life, her life, our life. It's a beautiful thing.


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